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Be Loved

Ancient India had the concept of the Yagña (a Vedic ritual for some noble purpose) where the whole society came together to contribute and participate - some people brought flowers and fruits, a few provided milk, others provided groceries and supplies, some people functioned as the priests, some others were sponsors, and so on. Thus, the whole society worked together, contributing to a noble purpose. Similarly, the Dharma and Yoga Fest is a big yagña where each one of us, regardless of our background, race and religious affiliation, can join hands to support a noble purpose - Universal Peace through Dharma and Yoga.

We understand that different organizations and individuals prefer different levels and styles of involvement in any event. Given below are some suggestions on how your organization or you can support the Dharma & Yoga Fest. This is by no means a comprehensive list. If you want to contribute or be involved in some other way not mentioned below, please contact us and we will gladly work with you.

For-Profit Organizations:

Get visibility for your name and products/services to a wide range of audience. Sponsors for the Dharma & Yoga Fest will have a unique opportunity to market their brands directly to a targeted and conscious community. Based on your type of sponsorship, you can get different levels of visibility for your organization - a free stall to market your products/services, a full page advertisement in the Dharma & Yoga Fest souvenir booklet, company banner ad on this website, your name on the event flyers, banners at the event venue, and a lot more. If you are not sponsoring the event, you can also rent a stall or a table with an umbrella at the event to market your products/services. More information on sponsorship is available here.

Non-Profit Organizations:

The DYF team appreciates the value you bring to our society and hence has special discounts in the sponsorships opportunities and services we provide you. There are different opportunities available to you ranging from setting up your stall or table at the event, souvenir booklet ads, prizes/gifts to youth participants, and lots more.
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Swami Vivekananda said, "They alone live, who live for others". You can join a big, energetic and fun team of volunteers to contribute something positive to the community through the Dharma & Yoga Fest. There are many volunteer opportunities before, during and after the event. Whatever your skills or interests, you can contribute in your own special way as part of an enthusiastic team, and make this event a grand success. If you wish to volunteer, please get in touch with us here. For any other ideas and suggestions regarding the Dharma & Yoga Fest, please contact us here.

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