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If you use Google Calendar, you’ve probably come to rely on its useful features — time tracking, scheduling, appointment notes, and more are easily stored in the cloud free of charge. And you can download or print your calendar as well. But somewhere along the road it’s possible that you have created one or more […]

If you work online or via email to any capacity, you’ve likely acquired a few email addresses over time. It can be a pain to switch back and forth between various personal and professional emails, but it seems necessary compared to the alternative of missing an important message. Luckily, you can send and receive emails […]

The average person now sends around 27+ emails per day. That means there are several dozen opportunities to speed up your workflow, or that of your team. Let’s imagine it takes around 5 minutes to respond to each email. That would be over 2 hours spent every day just on email alone! So what’s the […]

Google Hangouts is a great place to get together remotely when it’s not an option to meet up in person. Whether you’re using the web version on your desktop or you’re logged into the app on your phone, Google Hangouts lets you chat to your contacts either via text conversations or via video calls (for […]


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